Very professional, was able to identify the problem right away and give good suggestions on how to improve the setup

Marcia C.

Called them on Friday and they came on Sunday! Installed new bathroom light fixture in about 40 minutes. Extremely reasonable and he took the old fixture away. We will keep their contact info and use them again!

Bill F.

Very very polite, honest & hard working

Jeremy S.

Ryan C. Was on time. Checked outlets and lamp. Previously, outlets and overhead lamp were acting up. Ryan diagnosed and repaired. Excellent service and reasonable price. I highly recommend their business. Job well done

Richard T.

Very efficient, Ray helped me understand why I had a problem and fixed it. Much more than expected.

Michael C.

Good communication and very knowledgeable. Explained in detail what was going on and what I needed. I don't know anything about electricity. Ryan came in and explained exactly what the problem was and even though he wasn't feeling well. He was patient and did and excellent job. He even told me I now have an electrician.

Kim D.

Excellent service and very knowledgeable ! Explains everything in detail and saved us a lot of unnecessary work another electrician recommended

Nonie M.

Quick response and good communication process. Even found a simpler (and cheaper) resolution to one of the electrical issues we had.

Kurt G.

Rey was clear, fast and efficient!

Ava E.